Comprehensive legal support of reproductive technologies and surrogate motherhood

Our company has extensive experience in the field of legal support of medical institutions in the field of reproductive technologies, and also legal support of surrogate motherhood programs. Law Firm “Jubicon” is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine and provides legal support to the Association. Our specialists deeply understand the activities’ implementation specifics in the ART field and have exceptional experience that allows them to offer customers practical solutions for the successful implementation their tasks.

The work of the reproductive medicine clinic has some differences and specifics, that requires appropriate documentary support in order to properly resolve the actual relations between the clinic and patients, and also to protect the rights and interests of the medical institution.

Basic documentation of a reproductive medicine clinic usually includes the development and implementation of the next documents:

  1. Contracts with patients depending on the developed clinic and the program chosen by the patient.
  2. Mandatory for use in accordance with current legislation forms of medical documentation, adapted to the interests of a particular medical institution.
  3. Optional for use in accordance with applicable law forms of medical documentation, but the need to use which arises from the interests of a particular medical institution.

(Forms of medical documentation that are optional for use in accordance with applicable law but that are needed to use because of the specific interests of a particular medical institution.)

  1. If the clinic cooperates with foreign patients through agencies, it also becomes necessary to develop an appropriate contract with the agency.

The specific work scheme and the necessary documents are developed taking into account the clinic’s interests to develop an acceptable mechanism of work.

Also, if it is necessary, we can carry out the work of legal support  accompanying the conclusion of a contract between patients and a surrogate mother, assistance in agreement all essential conditions between the contract’s parties, mediation to resolve disputed situations, if it is necessary.